G. EDWARD GRIFFIN, American Author and Filmmaker

Hi, I am G. Edward Griffin, and I want to share with you the most powerful, effective supplement I have used to experience improvements in my health and blood pressure. Cardio Miracle is the best supplement I have ever found, and it turned out to be a good support for other health concerns I never expected...diabetes, neuropathy, immune system, periodontitis, varicose veins, and even cancer.

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Does Cardio Miracle really work?

Here's what Experts and Customers say:

G. Edward GriffinAmerican Author and Filmmaker

I had major blood pressure problems and started taking a Nitric Oxide booster. Today I have a blood pressure of a young man and feel better than I have in a long time. I can’t stress this enough. If you have cardiovascular problems, or a family history of cardiovascular problems, nitric oxide can help you when conventional medicine can’t. Of all the Nitric Oxide boosters I’ve tried, Cardio Miracle is hands-down the most effective.

Dr. Brad NelsonBest-selling author "The Emotion Code"

Cardio Miracle is one of the few supplements my wife and I take every single day. The Cardio Miracle formula is superior to any formula I have ever used. I believe that everyone should be on this formula to help protect and promote their health. In my own family we have a history of brain aneurysms. Cardio Miracle is my preventive nutrition to minimize that risk for me. Highly recommended!

Watch the 101 Interview with John Hewlett & Dr. Nelson discussing Nitric Oxide and its healing power HERE.

Dr. Joshua Helman, M.D.

My blood pressure has been a major concern in my quest for excellent health… Nothing seemed to work. Within three weeks on Cardio Miracle, taken twice a day, my blood pressure dropped to normal without medication. I was so grateful to learn of this amazing product, and I am already recommending it to others. I can say that I learned something really important that I didn't learn in the Harvard/MIT curriculum. I was skeptical when first hearing about Cardio Miracle, but my personal results, my loved ones’ results, and my research has confirmed that it is the finest supplement I have ever taken or evaluated. Everyone should benefit from it and prove the results for themselves as I have.

Watch Dr. Josh & Heidi Crockett's professional opinion on Cardio Miracle HERE.

Dr. Tadeusz Malinski Medical Research Department Head at the University of Ohio

Dr. Malinski is the Marvin & Ann Dilley White Chair and Distinguished Professor of biomedical sciences at Ohio University, where he is the director of the Biochemistry Research Laboratory. His life’s work is dedicated to understanding the regulatory role of nitric oxide in the body, which has led to treatments for heart disease, stroke and other disorders.

Dr. Maliniski worked with John Hewlett and Cardio Miracle to provide helpful insight and validated research about Cardio Miracle's formulation being the most effective Nitric Oxide and Vitamin D supplement on the market.

Watch Dr. Malinski’s professional opinion on Cardio Miracle HERE.


"Although my initial interest in this product was its ability to lower blood pressure, it soon became apparent from the testimonials we were receiving that there are many other benefits as well – and some of them are substantial."
- G. Edward Griffin

The following unsolicited letters from users tell the story:


Charles Bruce

Since I have been using Cardio Miracle, I have not had to take blood-pressure medications. My pressure is now normal, and no side effects. Most of the time I only take 1/2 dose, and it still brings it down, usually around 127/83 or so. THIS STUFF WORKS! I am a former gym rat, and Cardio Miracle seems to tone my muscles as well. I am physically stronger with little or no working out.

Robert Dickman

As a professional chemist, I began taking several of the components of Cardio Miracle when I had a health scare involving my blood pressure and triglycerides. Taking Cardio Miracle has made it easy, because I get every ingredient I was taking separately, and more, in one product. I am 70-years and now feel like I am 40. I see the ingredients of Cardio Miracle as the best of the best for my cardiovascular system and overall health.

Kurt DowdleBurley, Idaho

When my Congestive Heart Failure got so bad I couldn't climb a flight of stairs, I didn't know what to do. Fortunately, a friend gave me a tub of Cardio Miracle to try. Progressively, I began to walk up stairs with ease and was soon able to exercise on a regular basis, completely turning my health around.

Pat Erdman

I am so excited to endorse what this product has done for me in the last year. I had a stroke in January 2015, after being on an Arginine product [not Cardio Miracle] for over 5 years. I am glad that it kept me from being disabled, but it only had 18 ingredients. I found Cardio Miracle last April and have been taking half as much of it [as the other product] because it has so many other ingredients, all organic. I believe now that it has been healing me further. We had a flood in our house in December, and I have been able to help put down flooring, cut boards on the saw in the garage, paint baseboards and help get them in the right place. I cooked for helpers on the weekend and kept up almost 8 hours a day, when before I hadn't had that kind of stamina. I am so grateful for the blessings that have come from adding this to my daily agenda, and I only have to take half as much as I was of the other product, so it is cheaper too!

NEUROPATHY (numbness, usually in feet and legs)

Dr. Gene DuffinD.D.S., Hemet, California

I became interested in Cardio Miracle because it helped my wife with her neuropathy. I decided I might as well take it along with her since it couldn't do me any harm. Then I noticed that the white biofilm coating I had on my tongue most of my life unexplainably went away – and improved my breath freshness. That made me happy. Since I am a dentist, I'm sure it made my patients happy also.

AminikaDallas/Fort Worth

Following my surgery, the pain was unbearable, and the loss of sensation in my feet and legs plus the loss of muscular control made it almost impossible to walk. Drugs didn't help, and the doctors were baffled. Then I tried Cardio Miracle and could hardly believe that my pain and neuropathy quickly vanished.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

Gordon and Terri D.Norfolk, Virginia

My husband learned about nitric oxide in a miraculous encounter with two strangers waiting to board a cruise last winter. They observed my husbands pale look and labored breathing, and shared the science. He has been taking the supplement since last April and, even with advanced COPD, his breathing has dramatically improved, his energy level is now beyond our expectations, and his PSA has dropped from over 10 to 2. Our doctors are shocked. We are grateful for Cardio Miracle in our lives.


G. Edward GriffinLos Angeles

When I read another customer's testimonial about the effect of Cardio Miracle on his periodontitis, I wondered if this could be the result of something other than Cardio Miracle, such as a change in diet or reduction of stress. When I looked to see if there was any scientific support for thinking nitric oxide might be responsible, I found that researchers at State University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, studied that very issue and said there was, indeed, scientific support for the theory behind it. (1) It didn't take long for me to schedule a dental appointment to get a current assessment of my own periodontitis to see if Cardio Miracle made a difference. Like Ray Potter, I was uneasy that there would be no positive effect but, when the results were compared to my previous exam, the improvement was nothing less than spectacular.

My previous exam showed 69 pockets that were deep enough to be classified as affected by periodontitis. This time, there were only 24. That's an amazing improvement of 65%. My hygienist, who usually admonishes me to increase the frequency of my teeth cleaning, studied the charts for a moment and said: 'Well, I guess this takes the steam out of my argument.'

Eleven months later (on 2016 April 12), when I returned for another cleaning, the pocket count had further declined to 17. That's a 75% improvement from what is was before taking Cardio Miracle. This time, the hygienist asked how to obtain the product.

"Nitric oxide and oral diseases: can we talk about it?" ResearchGate.net.

Rochelle TylerLaGrange, Texas

A few years ago, my dentist advised that I have periodontal disease. I directed my research efforts to find natural remedies if possible. I tried many things, but no calculable results. Then, relying on Mr. Griffin's recommendations, I purchased Cardio Miracle and began using it upon arrival. I could not take two doses at first so only took the morning dose. After about 10 days of only the morning dose, I went to the dentist for a pre-scheduled cleaning. The hygienist was ecstatic when, after measuring those darn pockets, many had gone from "6" to "4", "3", and "2"! After I told her about my Cardio Miracle usage, another patient in the office (overhearing our conversation) insisted I give him the info on obtaining the product – which I did. Cardio Miracle is the only thing I have tried to date that delivered positive results for my periodontal disease. Can't tell you how much relief that gives me!

Dr. Tom WorcesterD.D.S., Member of the Crown Council, Florida

Cardio Miracle brought down my blood pressure so I no longer need Statin drugs. It brought my triglyceride levels into normal range and also boosted my Vitamin-D levels by more than 50%. As a dentist, I am particularly impressed by its ability to virtually eliminate periodontal disease. I now recommend it to all my patients, most of whom report marked improvement within 60 days.

Arlaine Austin

Severe pain in my jaw sent me to my dentist who said I was in immediate need of a root canal on an infected tooth. I am skeptical about the value of root canals, so I wanted to find another solution other than tooth extraction. I knew that Cardio Miracle was helping people with gum disease, so I decided to see if it would help my deeply infected tooth. Swishing the formula around the tooth for a minute before swallowing produced a sensation of healing. After just a few days, the pain was gone. My tooth seems to be fine now.

Marci Campbell, Ph.D.

Cardio Miracle has been the catalyst for healing my debilitating concussion. Exercise and physical therapy were hard on my brain until I started taking Cardio Miracle before a workout. I had an immediate result! Not only could I exercise, my head began feeling better and my overall health improved! Thank you Cardio Miracle!

Ken Shelton

For me, Cardio Miracle has been the perfect gift. It has done more for me in one year that medicine has done in the previous forty. The neuropathy in my fingers and toes is gone. I sleep better. I'm healthier, stronger, have more energy. Cardio Miracle gives me a sense of health security that I don't get from Big Pharma or establishment medicine.

Robert Haunschild

Nitric-Oxide therapy has affected my wife, Diane significantly. Her actual age 68 was a far cry from the test results (heart age 92) back in May 2011. After 8 months her heart age is now 55! Blood pressure went from 168/92 to 121/76. In addition she was able to have carpel tunnel surgery cancelled because the symptoms went away. Diane had a full knee replacement in 2013 and another one in 2014. Her surgeon and physical therapist told us she recovered twice as fast as anyone they had seen in 25 years!

Cathy Vallecorsa

I’ve been sorting through my many nutritional products and looking for something that would fulfill my needs while needing to purchase and take less “stuff.” I came across Cardio Miracle and decided that it met many of the things that are important to me. Boosting the nitric oxide level, B vitamins, etc. I can say with evidence that this product is great, and I will be a forever buyer. I actually measure my Nitric Oxide levels with a test stick each morning. Mine are always “optimal” since I began Cardio Miracle. I’m 73, a 20-year cancer survivor, employed full-time and I run rings around my 40 and 50-year old fellow employees. Energy, clear head, memory and great mood are all things I experience taking Cardio Miracle. I take my health seriously, and I highly endorse this produce and encourage others to give it a try.
P.S. The customer service is great too.

Mark EatonRetired NBA All-Star center, two-time Defensive Player of the Year, record holder for most blocked shots in a season

Cardio Miracle has benefited my joint and back discomfort, Improved my blood work, helped overcome jet lag, and eliminated medications, over the counter supplements and pain relievers.

Agata F.Orlando, Florida

I was down with the flu (not Corona) for about 2.5 weeks and couldn't take my regular meds. When your powder arrived I drank it on an empty stomach and the magic literally unfolded within the hour. I went outside and everything was so crisp/clear, no brain fog, no fatigue. Since this was such an experience I got my mother in law to order it, a few friends and some my husband’s friends. I ordered the pouch and the big tub and the pouch was shared with all my friends (instead using it while on business travel). I am so thankful for people like you who dig deeper and come up with a solution. My only wish is to be able to order it for my mom who lives in Germany. I saw there is no delivery options. She suffers from high blood pressure and the doctors found a tiny clot close to her heart... For as long as Cardio Miracle is liberating me I will share the good news with everybody. Again - thank you for all your research in the past 20 years and coming up with such a stellar product.

D. Reynolds

I started taking Cardio Miracle for general good health. I am menopausal and started experiencing leaky bladder. As annoying as it is I wrote it off to an unpleasant menopausal symptom I would have to deal with unless I was brave enough to try this experimental laser surgery. Much to my surprise after about a month on Cardio Miracle I realized my leaky bladder stopped. I wanted to know if it was Cardio Miracle so I went off Cardio Miracle and sure enough, within weeks my leaky bladder returned. So I began Cardio Miracle again and within a week my leaky bladder was gone again. I will take this nitric oxide supplement for the rest of my life. If it could stop leaky bladder than the increase circulation throughout the rest of my body must be tremendous. This is a much cheaper and safer cure than resorting to laser and suffering any side effects that still are unknown.

Scot ProctorAlpine, Utah, author, publisher and photographer

I began taking Cardio Miracle every morning and evening. After 110 days I wanted to do my blood work to see if things had improved and to my delight everything looked better. My blood pressure for the last 2-3 years was heading towards hypertension but this time my blood pressure was 120/68, my A1C was in a range that was just right for me, my good cholesterol which has never been right was finally in a good range, my vitamin D levels were perfect. All of these things pointed to one thing in my life, because I hadn't done anything else differently except for taking Cardio Miracle. The extra bonus is that it's easy to take. With just a scoop of powder twice a day, it replaces a fist full of hard to swallow pills. Since I've been taking Cardio Miracle I've found that I have more energy. I can feel my body being energized by the influx of Nitric Oxide that Cardio Miracle delivers. Because I'm a fierce advocate of my own health, I'll be taking Cardio Miracle for the rest of my life.

Dr Michael TornowBloomfield, New Mexico

I have tremendous energy and I'm averaging 16,000 steps per day (as noted by my Fit Bit) with a vigorous pace, even jogging 3+ miles each morning. My cravings for sugary foods also seems to have decreased. In two weeks I have lost 4.5 pounds.

Greg AndersonSalt Lake City, Utah

90 days after starting Cardio Miracle. I've lost 23 pounds, because I have more energy to exercise. I no longer take blood-pressure medication, and my blood pressure reading this morning was 120/79.

Heidi Crockett

I am a licensed medical professional and therapist. For years, I endured chronic nerve pain and never could find something that controlled pain without side effects. Now, Cardio Miracle removes my pain in 15 to 30 minutes with no side effects. Two scoops of Cardio Miracle works better than two IBuprofen.


Veronica Marquez

I’m a 64-yr old Kidney Cancer survivor, and fighting to stay that way! It has been 2 months since I started Cardio Miracle. I was anxious to get a blood test after only 2 months on the product because prior to Cardio Miracle my kidney readings were not good. At one point in my blood tests with my oncologist my GFR was 38 and she said, “You have stage 3 kidney disease! I want you to get a hold of your Nephrologist immediately”! The day prior I had taken a laxative, not knowing the effect this would have on my kidney function. A month later another blood test, I was able to bring my GFR up to 43. Still way to low! I started Cardio Miracle after talking with John Hewlett, and letting him know some of my issues. My numbers were 38, 43 and I was doing everything I knew how to do and still not rising! I only have ONE kidney due to kidney cancer in 2016. I have been trying everything to raise my GFR. If it gets dangerously low, then its DIALYSIS, so I literally tried everything! Including expensive Peptides. Thanks to the VITAMIN SUMMIT and John Hewitt, I was able to find out about Cardio Miracle and quite possibly saved my one well-functioning kidney. I started it in March 2020 and it is now May 2020 and my blood test numbers are “MARVELOUS”!! My kidney function has increased tremendously. It is now the highest it’s been since I got my kidney out. My numbers are now 57 and 66!! That’s not all, even more benefits: My nighttime blood pressure has dropped to 96/60 and thereabouts consistently since I started taking it. Prior I had had many nights waking up with palpitation’s and after waking up and taking my blood pressure at times it was in the scary range of 157/95 with a pulse of 120. This happened for years until I got my one kidney out. Then I battled that problem only once in a while for the past 4 years. Now as I said before my bedtime blood pressure monitoring (I do every night) is in the 96/60 range and sometimes even lower with NO dizziness or ill effects. My liver function is also better from my blood test numbers! Needless to say, this is the one product I will continue to use. By July my doctor will do all my cholesterols, triglycerides, etc. can’t wait to see the changes there…stay tuned!
Thank you to whoever invented this GREAT product!

David BallifLehi, Utah

I was a Type II Diabetic, overweight, taking 9 prescriptions. No energy, high blood pressure, neuropathy, life was not fun. I was introduced to John Hewlett who immediately started me on Cardio Miracle. John instructed me to double the regular dosage, so instead of taking 1 scoop-twice a day, I took 2 scoops, twice a day. What a difference it made for me. One month later I had an appointment with my internist and my blood pressure was 115/78, my neuropathy pain decreased by 50%, and my energy increased. With some wise dietary changes, I have lost over 60 lbs. since being on Cardio Miracle. I don’t want to think what my life would be like if I hadn’t met John and Cardio Miracle. I needed help, Cardio Miracle made the difference, I’m off my blood pressure meds, my last reading was 115/72, and went from taking 9 prescriptions down to 3 with a plan to get off the rest this year. I’m thinner and happier with Cardio Miracle in my life.


Gina BaldoPalm City, Florida

Cardio Miracle has helped me IMMENSELY! Not only energy, but cognitive function ALSO. Yes it’s an “investment,” however If I was to add up the amount I spend on supplements (which have fillers, and the market is FLOODED WITH, making it hard to find good products) I am actually SAVING MONEY! Also these ingredients are always careful vetted, replace and add to my usual regime (I have 3 autoimmune disorders so that’s saying something!) Not only all of these benefits??? During this time of panic? This is a MASSIVE IMMUNE SYSTEM booster and a major part of my preventive care to keep myself and the people I love safe! BUY THIS PRODUCT ASAP! You will NOT be disappointed!


Cardio Miracle is a full-spectrum Nitric Oxide supplement of the finest natural and organic ingredients that delivers 12 hours of Nitric Oxide-triggering action so your body produces its optimal Nitric Oxide output. 

We stand behind our product knowing the superior value in its life-affirming power to help you transform and enhance your health.  Our customers LOVE the results they've documented through their before and after blood panels.   You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Cardio Miracle will HELP PREVENT and HELP CORRECT disease. 

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